What’s the go with our coffee blend?

What’s the go with our coffee blend?
Daily we are often asked about the origins of our coffee and house blend here at The Little Red Fox Espresso. Many people are often surprised at the flavour behind our beans and even more surprised to find out that it’s grown here in South-East Asia but also roasted right here in Cambodia! So what is the story behind these magical beans?

Who are our suppliers and why do we love them?

Feel Good Coffee in Phnom Penh has been open for four years and the Cambodian team there serves up an amazing brew. In just six weeks of opening, Feel Good Residences at 136 went from a shophouse to a cafe & roastery full of customers daily. The Feel Good Coffee team believes in providing the best quality chemical free, fair trade organic coffee beans in Cambodia. Now this small cafe has grown into a full blown registered company here in Cambodia. The founders are Marc Adamson and Jose Angel Rivera. Business Development consultant is Jen Green. General Manager is Sophorn Phan. Cafe Managers Chhoeurt “Yong” Leng, Serey Kong, and Vuthy Horm. Kitchen and Catering Manager is Panha Sroun. Trust us when we say that the enthusiasm and passion of this team is unstoppable.

Our Blend. What & Where?

The Little Red Fox Espresso is proud to be the only cafe in Siem Reap to use the same house blend as Feel Good Coffee. This organic blend is a mix of both arabica and robusta from northern Thailand (arabica); Krom Dalat, Vietnam (arabica); Mondulkiri, Cambodia (robusta). The flavour profile found in your black coffee is bold, round and a good balance of medium bright lemon blossom acidity with the backing of dark chocolate. This flavour also holds up very well with your milk based coffee.

What other cafes use the same blend in Cambodia?

Other cafes through Cambodia using the Feel Good House Blend are ‘Feel Good Residences at 136’, ‘Feel Good II Cafe and Roastery’ and ‘Lot 369 Cafe & Bar’ in Phnom Penh, ‘Kinyei Cafe’ and ‘Cafe Eden’ in Battambang, ‘Natural Coffee’ in Kampot and ‘The Stock’ in Sihanoukville. You are sure to find a good cup through out your Cambodia Adventures!

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