Win two months of free coffee!

Win two months of free coffee!

Seriously, who does like free stuff?
Especially coffee!

It’s easy to win! Take a picture and check in at The Little Red Fox Espresso on Instagram with the appropriate text and hashtags supplied below:

I want to win two months of free coffee at The Little Red Fox! #thelittleredfoxespresso #lrfcomp #siemreap #travelgram

There is absolutely NO LIMIT to how many times you can post images,  be boring or be creative just get on board for the chance to win!

The Little Red Fox Espresso team will be judging all photos and announcing the winner on the 1st of January, 2018. All photos must be originals, your own and contain the appropriate text to enter the competition. Please be aware the yes, this is for two months of free coffee. One coffee, per day for free, for you and only you.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever on your favour!

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