Our Philosophy

It's simple: No matter what our location... our passion remains the same..

The Idea

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country that is rich in history and culture. One of the most important pillars of this Kingdom’s identity is its music and arts. This is a deeply integral part to the culture and has a place of importance in both its Khmer history and modern Cambodian culture. Today the strains of traditional Cambodian art and music are becoming intertwined with more modern and contemporary elements. The truth is that there are many different kinds of Cambodian arts. At The Little Red Fox we aim to promote and highlight all the colours or the Cambodian culture palate.

Sinn Sisamouth painting by Sasha Constable at The Little Red Fox Espresso

Pomex, Manager at The Little Red Fox Espresso

The Team

Our vision here at The Little Red Fox Espresso is one that always looks into the future for our team. Training and support in our workplace is of integral importance. We endeavour to guide our team members in many aspects of life. Hospitality skills, English skills, general world knowledge, health and hygiene, savings plans, personal development, environmental improvement This is of the utmost importance for creating a future for someone that is stable, able and full of self confidence.

The Values

The Little Red Fox Espresso was one of the first cafes in Siem Reap to take noticeable action towards lowering its daily carbon footprint and sharing the knowledge on how to go green and clean with our team and the community.

The Little Red Fox Espresso is proud to be:

• One of the first businesses to promote and support the use of commercial biodegradable waste bags in Cambodia.
• A café that offers free filtered water to all customers instead of having plastic bottles for sale.
•A cafe that actively uses bio-degradable bags from CLEANBODIA and biodegradable take away food containers. Also we use green material bags for shopping to remove our plastic bag usage.
• One of the first businesses to promote and support the use of bamboo straws.


• The first in Siem Reap to build a community recycling point outside our café. This helps to minimise the shocking health affects and working conditions of those who have to separate all the trash daily.
• A café that recycles all of our green waste to community projects to create amazing compost!
• A café that continually educates our team on the benefits of recycling and the long-term effects of waste damage.
• Donating all of our used oil to NagaEarth to be then turned into Biofuel
• An Active participation in Clean Up Temple Town


With a large variety of brewing techniques complemented by a delicious foxy menu and a devoted and powerful ethos; its no wonder The Little Red Fox Espresso has quickly become one of the favourite spots in town for both locals and expats. Don’t be surprised if you often hear “See you at the Fox”!



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